• Best value and most versatile machine available for all production shops.
  • Optional hydraulic live tools, Both facing and crossing, Allows secondary combined with 48-position spindle indexing or C-axis. Good for various secondary operation.
  • Can be used as a gang tool machine or an optional 8-position turret.
  • Use of an optional bar feeder for unattended high volume production.
Live tool
Live tool

Hydraulic live tool with the spindle 48 dividing system and C-axis function can make secondary operation on the machine.

High speed, high precision indexing turret
High speed, high precision indexing turret

The 8-position tool turret ensures high repeated positioning accuracy and rigidity. Rapid indexing time from 0.15 sec. to 1.2 sec, The tool disc has a built-in coolant nozzle that is directed straight to the tool tips.

Z-axis box beam
Live tool

Insures high rigidity. TURCITE coating allows for smooth and precise movements. Telescopic cover protect the ballscrew.

The dovetail X-axis slide
The dovetail X-axis slide

permits mounting of gang tools (sub plate also available) and or hydraulic tooling spindle as well as an 8-position turret with thru coolant.

Standard controller
Standard controller

Either "MITSUBISHI" M64SL or "SIEMENS" 802D or FANUC OiMATE controller.

3-Jaw hydraulic chuck
3-Jaw hydraulic chuck

This machine can be equipped with a Ø06" or Ø 8" 3-jaw hydraulic hollow chuck as option. For enlarge workpiece machine.

Content Unit LNC42 LNC65
Collet bar capacity , dia. (through bore) mm Ø42 Ø65
Max. swing mm Ø260(Ø10.2”)
Max. turning diameter(3-jaw power chuck) mm Ø165(Ø6.5”) Ø195(Ø7.7”)
Max. turning length collet mm 300(11.8”)
3-jaw power chuck mm 270(10.8”) 254(10”)
Height of spindle center (approx.) mm 1000
Spindle nose - ISO A2-5 ISO A2-6
Collet chuck type - F48 F72
Power chuck reception inch 6 8
Spindle drive
AC motor cont. output kW 5.5(7.5HP) 7.5(10HP)
Maximum torque Nm 42 95
Max. spindle speed rpm 5000 4000
Cross travel (X-axis) mm 300
Longitudinal travel (Z-axis) mm 300
Resolution mm 0.001
Tool turret
Number of tool positions - 8 12
Turning tool section mm □20 (□3/4”)
Boring tool reception mm Ø25 (Ø1”)
Servo motors
Working feeds ,X-axis and Z-axis , stepless mm/min 0~6000 0~10000
Rapid traverses ,X-axis and Z-axis, stepless m/min 10/15(option) 10/15(option)
Feed force 100% duty factor , X-axis kg/cm 24.4(0.5 kW) 32.6(0.83 kW)
Feed force 100% duty factor , Z-axis kg/cm 48.7(1.0 kW) 56.1(1.4 kW)
Space requirements and weights
Overall dimension (L x W x H) mm 1870 x 1440 x 1650
Approx. net weights of machine with electronic cabinet kg 1800 2000
Hydraulic tank capacity liters 40
Hydraulic pump motor kW 0.75
Coolant tank capacity liters 150
Coolant pump motor kW 0.25
Lubrication capacity - 2 L,6c.c./12min
Total power required KVA 24 28